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The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor / user of this website is subject to the present terms of use and the relevant provisions of Greek Law (Law 2472/1997, as supplemented by the decisions of the Chairman of the Committee for Personal Data Protection, of Presidential Decree 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of Law 2819/2000) and European Law (of Directives 95/46 / EC and 97/66 / EC). Any possible future relevant legislation will automatically and without exception apply to the management and protection of personal data of the visitor / user of this website. If a visitor / user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided here must not use the services of this website.This website protects the personal nature of your information, which can not be disclosed to third parties, except where provided by law and to the competent authorities only. This website maintains files with the personal data sent by visitors / users solely for communication, statistical purposes and to improve the services provided. Part or all of this data may be processed solely for statistical purposes, market research or improvement of services provided by the company "BENETO MARETTI". The visitor / user can contact the relevant department at, in order to verify the existence of the personal file and to request its correction, change or deletion. Users under 18: For users under 18 years of age, the prior consent of the parents / guardians is considered given in any case of declaration of personal data on the company's website of cookies: During any of your visits to the company's website, the pages you view, along with any cookies they may contain, may be "uploaded" to your computer. Cookies are texts - files through which the Beneto Maretti server recognizes your computer. These cookies are stored on your computer only in order to achieve or facilitate the transmission of your communication through the electronic communications network or when it is necessary to provide the service you have requested. Cookies record only the areas of the site that the computer in question has visited and for how long. The user has the ability at any time to configure his computer to accept the existence of cookies, to be notified when a cookie is issued, or to reject the installation of cookies. In case you have not set your computer to reject cookies, you can surf the sites of Beneto Maretti anonymously, until you register in one of its Services.



(Beneto Maretti membership card)
The Cardholder (hereinafter referred to as the "Card") agrees unreservedly and accepts that:
• The Company BENETO MARETTI (hereinafter "the Company") maintains in a file and will process the Personal Data mentioned herein, for the sole purpose of supporting, promoting and executing the reward program of the company, explicitly excluding any marketing of personal data or other use.
• The Company may transfer to third parties legal or natural persons, if required, part of the data for correspondence or other communication with the cardholder for the sole purpose of supporting the program.
• The Company has the sole responsibility for the commitment of its associates in relation to the protection of the said Personal Data required by Law 2471/97. The holder has the right, whenever he wishes to request the deletion of his data and to return the card to the Company.
• The card is not a credit card. Each card is and remains the property of the Company and the holder is obliged to return it at its first request, to hold it and keep it in good condition and not to transfer it for further use to anyone.
• The holder is entitled to trade with the Company for the acquisition of the offers according to the current program of the Company based on the transactions recorded in its system.

• The Company has the right at any time to modify or cancel its offers without prior notice to the cardholder and without requiring his consent. The benefits of the program are mentioned in the electronic address of the Company.

• The holder can use the card in the pre-defined by the company stores of the BENETO MARETTI network.
• The card is valid for an unlimited period of time. The holder must check, after each transaction, the accuracy and correctness of the details of the receipt he receives from the cashier of the store.
• The respective discount provided through the membership card is not valid during the discount period or with the purchase of products already in discount offer.
• The discount through the card is always made with the presentation by the holder of the police ID or other document that proves his identity.
• The holder must immediately notify the Company in writing of any change in the stated address, otherwise the Company will not be liable for loss of mail or interruption of communication. The holder should also immediately inform the Service Center of the program in case of loss or destruction of the card.

• The holder can be informed of the total redemption amount from the cash registers of the stores.
• The card is activated and can be used from the first purchase when the application has been sufficiently completed and delivered to the Company.
• In case of loss of the card, it is replaced.

The stores participating in this action are listed below.


• BENETO MARETTI / RIGA FERAIOU STR. 138 PC: 26221 PATRA, TEL. 2610 624240 - 2610 624850

The complete list of stores can also be found at

For any additional information contact (0030) 210 3455607. In case there is any change in this list we will inform you via email or through a newσ form that will be available in our stores.